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I'm Coming Out Debut EP Coming Soon

What's Up Groovylicious Groovers,

The full Debut EP "I'm Coming Out" will be out soon. It has been submitted to be available on all musical platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and many more! My Groover VIPs received a free download with the Album Booklet full of lyrics and artwork.

What I've learned from this process is a few things,

1) When we make plans god laughs. Everything happens in Divine Timing and the generosity of one of my VIPs made the timely completion of the EP possible. Despite delays, a beautiful creation has been birthed.

2) Be open to receiving. If I had not done the work within myself, I wouldn't have shared what was happening with the creation process and I wouldn't have been able to unconditionally receive the offer to make the trip to NYC to complete my album. That trip was one of the most transformational for me. I got to connect with family friends and got to do what I love and sing from my heart and soul.

3) Surrender to the calling in your heart. This album has been a creation that I started over 20 years ago. Writing songs that spoke to the experiences I was going through in life at the time. Many were unfinished and I struggled to finish them over the years. I'd add a line here, verse there, but not able to complete them. After the prompting of a fellow artist, spurred by the inspiration of their journey I sat down to write. I was able to finish the songs for the EP! I realized at that moment I had to be the person I am now to complete the songs. It flowed so easily and everything came together so beautifully.

Stay tuned for the release. If you'd like to join my VIPs where you get exclusive content and gifts request to join here.

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