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NEW MUSIC ALERT: Abyss Available NOW!

Today is the day! Abyss my new single has been released. Whether you stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Tenecet or other you can get it now.

What's Up Wednesday 5/3/23

It's What's Up Wednesday Groovers and lots to catch you up on!

Have you voted for me yet? To vote for me for Music Artist/Producer, you can find the nomination form here.

4 feel free to vote for other…

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Day 4 Upcoming Release Celebration

2 days until Abyss...

Today's reintroduction is one of my favorites...Rebel Music.

I've always been a Rebel in my own way, going against the norm & doing the unexpected. Rebel Music calls on all the rebels at heart to awaken…

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New Partnership-Powerblast Worldwide

Powerblast Worldwide has partnered with ANU to assist me with marketing my new single, “ABYSS” to a wider audience and grow my current fanbase. This new record will be released on Friday, May 5th! 

Thanks for rockin wit me!



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Day 3 Upcoming Release Celebration

3 days until Abyss!!!!

Today's reintroduction is my most popular single to date, especially in Japan "As We Dance". Shoutout to Kyoto, Japan. 

As We Dance is about the dance we go through when we meet someone we have chemistry…

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Day 2 Upcoming Release Celebration

4 days to the "Abyss" single release!!! 

The next track I'm re-introducing is "Silent Tears". Silent Tears is about all those times I spent feeling lonely and "suffering" in silence. Wanting more for myself and not fully being present to…

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Upcoming release celebration!

To celebrate the upcoming release of my single "Abyss", I'm re-releasing my singles to get us in the mood!

Starting with "Rainy Days". This song has come to mean even more to me recently as I lost a friend who…

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What's Up Wednesday 4/12/23

Groovers, It's What's Up Wednesday and this week was full of shifting how I do things on the backend, prospective collabs and investing in myself and my business. More to come soon!!!

If you haven't voted for me yet...what are…

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What's Up Wednesday 4/5/23

What's Up This Week...ascension symptoms, new partnerships, vote for me!

Whoo it’s been a week. I had a marathon trip to Costa Rica to pick up my cat I had to leave behind when I came back to the states. 

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What's Up Wednesday 3/22/23

Hey Groovers it's What's Up Wednesday and what's up this week...I'm asking for your vote for the 4BiddenKnowledge Conscious Awards!

It's sponsored by 4biddenKnowledge who is integral in assisting people with waking up in his own way. You can find…

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What's Up Wednesday 2/1/23

It's What's Up Wednesday! Here's what's up this week: It's the first day of Black History Month, it's Imbolc and the start to a new year (13 month calendar) and new Month! I Did a live for my VIPs, they… Read more

Groovers we've made it to Spain!

CXLIV a playlist curator in Spain listened to Rainy Days and thought "Amazing song! This track sounds really good it's well-produced. We've decided to add it our playlist and we hope it will help you with your growth and exposure…

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Breaking News Groovers...We're going global!

First South Korea, Romania and now Canada's most-followed music critic blogger shared my song "Rainy Days" on his Spotify playlist. Thank you Tinnitist. 

Here's another opportunity to discover some great music

Rainy Days was shared on a S. Korean Playlist

Hey Groovers! My song Rainy Days was shared on a South Korean playlist. As always, I support those who support me, here's the Spotify playlist

Rainy Days shared in Romania!

My song Rainy Days was shared on a playlist in Romania! To hear my song and you're looking for some new music selections to add to your playlist, check it out here

I'm Coming Out Debut EP Coming Soon

What's Up Groovylicious Groovers,

The full Debut EP "I'm Coming Out" will be out soon. It has been submitted to be available on all musical platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and many more! My Groover VIPs received a free…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my Groovylicious Groovers! May this year bring you all the love, joy, peace, playfulness, and abundance your heart and hands can hold.

The full EP will be released soon! Stay tuned!!!!

Thank you for your continued love…

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And Just Like That...We're Done

Hey Groovers, 

What a great experience I had with Dolla & Kimberly.

After 12 hours in the studio, some Dolla magic, and the vocal stylings on background vocals of Kimberly, the EP is done and ready to get prepared to…

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Headed to NYC to record!

Hey my Groovylicious Groovers, I'm headed to NYC back to Beatknocka Studios to work with Dolla again!

All in divine timing, to finish my debut EP I was led to go NYC to record and complete my initial project. Partnered…

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