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From the recording I'm Coming Out EP


I just wanted you to love me
I felt young & naive
All I wanted was to be a good wife to you
Yet when God answers prayers
Sometimes it doesn't look the way you expect
Searching for something outside myself
Left me empty & depleted

Verse 1
Many a night
Faced the moon and god
A shrunken child
Coiling to protect herself
From all the hurt and all of the pain
From all the lies and all of the shame

Why, didn't you love me like you promised
Why, did you shut me out (and) shut me down
Why, did you make me feel
Less than a woman
Less than a person

These silent tears (I cry)
For the me I use to be (inside
For the days wasted
For (the) days gone bye
These silent tears (I cry)
For moments taken for granted
For love once made
For all that’s now gone

Verse 2
All you could see
What you wanted
What was easiest for you
I was no one important
Not worth being seen nor heard
Dismissed by the wave of a hand
Felt like a child
Like a hollow shell

Why, couldn't I find what I need yeah
Why, couldn't you cherish me
Why, couldn't you be who I thought you were
Make me feel wanted

We didn’t keep our covenant
One we shouldn’t have made
Following a blueprint we didn’t even write
You couldn’t love me, because we didn’t love ourselves
I could’ve been the queen to your king-dom
You the king in mine
But you discarded me and I discarded you…hmmm