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NEW MUSIC ALERT: Abyss Available NOW!

Today is the day! Abyss my new single has been released. Whether you stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Tenecet or other you can get it now.

New Partnership-Powerblast Worldwide

Powerblast Worldwide has partnered with ANU to assist me with marketing my new single, “ABYSS” to a wider audience and grow my current fanbase. This new record will be released on Friday, May 5th! 

Thanks for rockin wit me!



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Day 2 Upcoming Release Celebration

4 days to the "Abyss" single release!!! 

The next track I'm re-introducing is "Silent Tears". Silent Tears is about all those times I spent feeling lonely and "suffering" in silence. Wanting more for myself and not fully being present to…

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Upcoming release celebration!

To celebrate the upcoming release of my single "Abyss", I'm re-releasing my singles to get us in the mood!

Starting with "Rainy Days". This song has come to mean even more to me recently as I lost a friend who…

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What's Up Wednesday 2/1/23

It's What's Up Wednesday! Here's what's up this week: It's the first day of Black History Month, it's Imbolc and the start to a new year (13 month calendar) and new Month! I Did a live for my VIPs, they… Read more